Finding the Right Custom Hats for your Brewery

Finding the Right Custom Hats for your Brewery


Selling the right custom hats in your taproom is a great way to promote your brand and create another source of revenue for your brewery. When a patron wears one of your custom hats in public, it improves your brand recognition and informs potential customers that your existing patrons think highly of your brewery and your brand. In addition, selling hats can bring in approximately $10 - $15 in profit for each hat sold. If your brewery is selling caps that your customers love, you can bring in thousands of dollars in profit a year while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and generating excitement about your brewery.  


Let's discuss how you find the right custom hats that will be both profitable and an excellent source of advertising for your brewery. Here are the most important factors to consider when purchasing custom hats to sell at your brewery:

  • Quality of Make and Material 
  • Trending Styles and Designs
  • Quantity of Merchandise 

Customers want to invest in well-made items that will enhance their look and be one-of-a-kind accessories that set them apart. 


Purchasing too many, low quality hats that don’t have a  trendy design is an easy mistake that will prevent your hats from selling. But if you work with the right vendor, they will help you find well-made hats in popular styles to save you from this problem. Successful hat sales at your brewery stem from providing your customers with a variety of high-quality hats that draw attention. The right custom hats will keep your customers coming back not only for more beer but for more bad-a$$ merchandise. 


Selecting  Quality

Quality hats can be identified by the following:

  • Solid, consistent construction 
  • Detailed stitch work 
  • Choice materials 
  • Comfort and fit

Ask your vendor to send you samples of hats that you are interested in so that you can feel the materials, test the fit, and examine the construction and stitch work. 

Step 1:  Pick Your Hats Style


By far the most popular and versatile hat option.  Structured brim comes in low/mid/high profiles.  Mesh backing with snap back closure by far the most popular fit.  Will sell to the largest spectrum of customers from young to old, male to female, hipster to farmer.  Available in a large amount of color options and works well with almost any decoration style or logo.



Relaxed Unstructured Fit.  Popular across a wide spectrum of customers.  Vintage soft look.  Available in lots of color options and fabrics.  Solid, Pigment Dyed, and Garment Washed the most popular.  Usually having a leather or fabric buckle enclosure.  Pairs well with simple direct embroidery designs and smaller leather or woven patches.



By far the most trending hat option on the market.  Not for everyone but those that want/like rope hats are obsessed with them, so they do sell.  Available in different styles.  Grandpa hats that are more unstructured, soft, and higher arch.  Also in more athletic/outdoor performance options that are great for the golf course or outdoor enthusiast.  If you don’t already have these in your brewery now may be the time to consider adding a few of these into the mix.


High quality performance material.  Performance hats that are made with extra durability and high quality manufacturing, meant for the outdoor elements.  What people like about these hats is they can rep their favorite breweries logo during their outdoor activities.   I mean what goes better after a long hike in the woods than a cold beer.  Cost is typically $3-$5 more than trucker hats but can easily be retailed for more.   Works with all decoration styles.  Silicone Transfer being our recommended style on these hats.  



These hats come in many unique styles.  7 Pannel Arch, 5 Pannel, Corduroy, Flat Brim, and more.  These hats are very unique and can be a great addition to the more standard hat options.   Please see our website for some of our top selling lifestyle hats



Recycled hats is where style meets sustainability.  Each cap is crafted from recycled materials, boasting Global Recycled Standard Certification.   The exemplifies a dedication to sustainable fashion, offering you environmentally responsible headwear that does not compromise style.



Step 2: Pick Your Decoration Style



Direct Embroidery


 Time tested simple decoration style.   Most cost efficient and quickest turn around times.  Limited to the amount of detail you can capture in the design.   Puff embroidery can add some dimension to your logo but is also limited to simpler larger text/fonts.



Woven Patches 


 Woven patches can capture a higher level of detail than embroidery with a cleaner look.   Standard and custom shapes give the hat more dimension and style.  Patches need to be ordered in MOQ of 50 but we recommend ordering 100-200 at a time.  Craft Industry Apparel can hold onto extra patches to full fill future orders.


Embroidered Patches 


 Embroidered patches do allow for more detail than direct embroidery as the patches are sewn together flat.  Dimension of patch gives a great look.  MOQs start at 50 but we recommend ordering 100-200 patches at a time due to pricing.  Craft Industry Apparel can hold onto extra patches to full fill future orders.



Real & Faux Leather Patches

Our Laser Etched leather offers a natural & rugged look.  Ideal for moderate to complex logos with small detail that be transferred easily to a one-color application. Logos are laser etched onto genuine or faux leather.   All patches are made in house and require no minimums.  $3.00 per patch charge.   Stock and custom shapes available. 



Silicone Transfers


 This modern decoration method provides a high-end look and raises your logo to a new level. Silicone delivers a durable decoration and looks great when matched with any of our technical cap styles.  Great for designs that have a lot of blank space vs fill. 



Rubber Tech Patch



 Our high quality Rubber patches will give your cap a very bold and technical look. This decoration method adds an amazing level of dimension to any design. Ideal for multi-colored logos with a moderate level of detail.  Patches sold in MOQs of 50.  Price per patch is on the higher end adding a little cost to the hat.  



Woven Clip Labels 


 This subtle decoration method adds a high quality, custom look to any cap or knit. Ideal for multi-colored logos with a moderate level of detail. Logos are woven into one or both sides of the clip.  We then sew these onto the brim of beanies, hats, and apparel.  Also available in leather clip labels.



Screen Printed Transfers


 A more detailed alternative is Screen Printed transfers that is heat pressed directly to the cap. From one color logos to photographic prints, designs are free floating and can be applied over a seam.   Great for Foam trucker hats and lightweight performance hats.  No MOQs.


We make it easy, simple, and cost effective:


Here at Craft Industry Apparel we have spent the last 10 years working with breweries across the country to provide them with merchandise that reflects the pride they take in their product. 

We are experts on using your logos and branding to create hats that will sell in your brewery or tap room. When you work with our team of industry experts, you will receive the highest level of customer service as our team takes you through the custom hat creation process:

  1. Send your logo and branding details to our design team who will develop your custom merchandise suggestions. 
  2. Receive the digital mock ups of your hat styles, colors, and decorative options that will seamlessly fit your brewery’s aesthetic.  
  3. Select your favorite options, and request samples and quotes.  
  4. Order your custom hats and watch as your fanbase happily wears them to support your brewery.


Send your logos and branding to Joe at, and receive digital mockups for your custom hats at no cost.







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